Oomina Creative

Creative Sawmill

A Creative Sawmill is a design studio that takes a note from the lumber industry. We focus on harvesting your company’s story and milling it into raw creativity. This allows us to transform it into honest and simple design.



Just as a sawmill has several types of blades, we have several specialized services. We believe focused effort leads to superior execution.


We harvest your company's story into a visual identity that is immediately recognizable and differentiated from your competitors. We then transpose your visual identity across all types of media.


We are web stylists, not developers. We focus our efforts on how your business looks through website design. Perception is reality; we shape how your clients perceive you on the web.


If you can print it, we can design it! We craft printed collateral to meet all of your sales and marketing needs while effectively advertising your company, from business cards to t-shirts.

  • Core Values

    1. Live and work with passion.
    2. Be positive in the face of challenges.
    3. Continuously grow.
  • Mission

    Cultivate business growth for our clients and ourselves by being honest, hard-working, and creative
  • Philosophy

    Your company's story differentiates you in the marketplace; capitalize on it, and you will grow.



This selection of work was chosen to show how we harvest a company's story, mill it into visual design, and transform it into a design that speaks for itself.


"Um, can I see these as real sites?"

Of course you can! Except for the one our nerdy ninja is still coding. Also a quick disclaimer: "Oömina Creative," is a pen name for Emily Brochu. I designed these sites, and although they may not be clients of Oömina Creative, they are still examples of my design.
  • The Right Tools

    Our tools allow us to work on all of your projects, including web design, print pieces, and presentation design. Below, you will see how we use our tools to design for different types of media. 



Are you curious to see more of our work? Below are a number of examples ranging from web and video to print and art. Many of the design projects were created at a past job before Oömina Creative was born. However, you can expect the same level of skill, craft, and dedication from us.



Marketing has changed and so have your consumers. They expect your company to have an honest, well crafted story about who you are and why they should buy from you. We focus on harvesting your company's unique story and milling it into striking creative. In turn, it is produced into collateral that is accessible, profitable, and builds brand loyalty.

Oömina Creative's Story

A long time ago in a place far far away, our intrepid founder (Ms. Emily Brochu) was raised in a tiny town in Northern Maine, so far north it might be considered Southern Canada. Emily was raised by entrepreneurial lumber jacks. This upbringing created the foundation that this company is built on: Honesty, Hard Work, & Simplicity.
With that foundation, Emily could do anything. However, lumber jacks are an insightful people and told her this: “Whatever you choose to do in life, you should love to do it. That way it doesn't seem like work."

She traded in the chainsaw for Photoshop, the hard hat for nerdy glasses, the forest for the city and started on her career path as a graphic designer. She worked for some well-known companies,including HP, FOX, FX, CBS, & Microsoft. She worked designing websites for insurance companies for a while, too, but something was missing.

She pondered what it could be, and realized it went back to her roots. She remembered the business meetings in the basement of her childhood home—the days started at 3 in the morning, and business lessons were taught as life lessons. She realized her roots gave her deep understanding of what it is like to run a business in a small town — the struggles it comes with, the character it builds, and the work it takes. She also realized that's what was missing. She wanted to help small companies who really needed it.

On that principal she founded Oömina Creative, which is where the story ends for now. However, we are currently writing the next chapter and would love for you to be part of our story. Contact us today so we can add you to ours and learn about yours.





If you are a small business that wants to grow, email Emily today!
 Set up a consultation or call us with questions at 401.340.0048.
 We would love to talk to you!

Oömina Creative: the traveling creative sawmill.

After two long years on the road we've finally made Gold Canyon, Arizona our home base. That doesn't mean we will stop traveling. We could still show up anywhere in the United States. Our roots are in New England, so if you are located in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Vermont we can work with you in person. There are couches in all of those states with our names on them, and we can come work with you for up to two weeks in person.

We love to travel, so if you want to meet with us in person, we will come to you! Anywhere in the country! The only thing we ask of you is that you have a list of the best bars and tourist traps in your area so we can really get a feel for your area!